​How we can help you with:

​Web designing

We have expertise in web design.

​Any web design that has been created by

​us is a sure shot boost to a successful

online ​presence.

​Graphic designing

What's the good way to attract customers?

show them creatives.

​We do in-house graphic designing.

​Web development

What's your new web project?

​We will build it for you.

​Social media

Help you build an popular

facebook ​fan page or a

YouTube brand channel.

​UX designing

We test and try a lot of R&D

​to come up with engaging 


Mobile interface design

What makes an app stand our

​in the market? Its UI - how it feels.

​We design interactive and just the

perfect UI for your next big app.

​web design

​INR 9500/-

4-6 pages​ static

​pdf documentation

upto 2 revisions 

​1 year support

​web app

​INR 9500/-

Custom app

​pdf documentation

no revisions 

​2 year support

​web redesign

​INR 2500/-

redesign your website

​pdf documentation

upto 2 revisions 

1 year support

​UX consultation

​INR 600/-

website/app audit

​pattern consultation

​app design

​INR 5500/-

6 pages​

free splash page

pdf documentation

​upto 2 revisions 

​1 year support

​About what we do

APPS and Web

We do various creatives and web & mobile app design.

​We design, we code, we invent.

We begun taking projects since 2015 and have grown 

​over time. Learning from our mistakes has helped us

​improve in the field of web software.

​Today we have grown as a leading web software designer

​and now we are stepping into appdesign sector from

September 2016.

​We also audit your existing website and suggest 

any neccessary improvements/changes that could

​help you improve your online presence.


Our niche is very simple​ just like us.

​"Design High Quality Interfaces"

​Who's in our team

​We may have a small team but we do our best.



​Who we are

​We are web designers, we invent ideas and prototypes

​for your projects. We give it our all when creating mockups

​and prototypes for your next new app.

​Web design is a lot more than people imagine. It is web, it is native, it powers more software than you can imagine. 

​Everything in the IT world is powered by webpages and apps.

​Some examples where the web works are:

Websites, pages, apps, social media sites, email applications, text editors, Drawing/painting applications, games. animations, other pc applications, admin panels,backends,

​monitoring software, various web services. & the page you are currently viewing as well.

​We spend time Inventing new ideas, cool menus, widgets that could integrate into your existing project. Some examples of projects that we work on are available within the web design browser - another of our invention.

​open app


Learn from the best in our 6 months web design course.

​In this course you will learn the basics of web design and mobile app design

​You will learn how to create high quality websites, history of web design and 

​mobile app platform, patterns in mobile apps and lot more things.

​So enroll today for this course and get a 5% discount.


FAQs / help

​Download course brochure

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YouTube feeds 

​Daily updates and 

​tipcs 'n tricks in web and

​ui design.




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Install and learn

​Kickstart app Adobe packs

Learn adobe softwares like photoshop in fully interactive & super easy way!

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We are now a top

​web design brand

​thanks, its because of you.

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